Plastik Duck – Seize The Night

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Plastik Duck – Seize The Night

“Seize The Night”, the debut single by Plastik Duck, is out now! Produced by Bliss Co., the Music Factory 20 million records sold, springboard for Eiffel65, Gabry Ponte, DJs From Mars, Da Blitz and many other producers of dance hits, the song is available on iTunesGoogle Play and the best online shops. Also available for streaming on Spotify and many other digital platforms. The official music video is produced by Edoardo Bellanti & Alice Corsi from Wonderland Production. Music & lirycs produced by Plastik Duck, mixed and mastered at Zerodieci Studio. Vocals: Oriana Guastalla, Marcello Bellanti.

  1. Seize The Night (Original Mix)

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    ***** Plastik Duck - Seize The Night *****

    I’m gonna seize the night
    I touch you babe
    And everytime, you’re right
    I just get crazy
    Let me drive tonight
    Now I will try again
    Please stop asking loving you

    On the dancefloor
    Keep on movin’
    We’ll be groovy
    Just feel the... Just feel the night

    On the dancefloor
    Don’t stop movin’
    I’ll be juicy

    Ok, dance all night
    Your claim makes you wild
    Jealousy garanteed
    That’s a melody by Plastik Duck
    Sound is just fantastic, elastic and plastic
    Then if you’re getting mad it’s not bad
    Let’s make some noise on melody