Plastik Duck – Oye Senorita (The Remixes)

Oye Senorita (The Remixes) is out now! The E.P. includes remixes by Jack Mazzoni, Patrick Akami, Roger Stiller, Max Giannini, Daniel Tek, Robbi Rocca, Why Not, Skippy. It also includes 2 additional versions by Plastik Duck, plus the Instrumental Mix and the Accappella. Available on iTunes, Beatport, [Read More…]

Plastik Duck – Oye Senorita

“Oye Senorita” by Plastik Duck is out now! Produced by Bliss Co., the Music Factory 20 million records sold, springboard for Eiffel65, Gabry Ponte, DJs From Mars, Da Blitz and many other producers of dance hits, the song is available on iTunes, Google [Read More…]