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Henry B (Marcello Enrico Bellanti) is an italian dj, producer, remixer and singer, based in Genoa (Italy). His artistic career includes numerous singles and albums ranging from pop / dance to house and finally to latin / reggaeton. As a member of the Danijay team since 2004, Henry B has achieved international success, working with prestigious labels such as Universal Music and Warner Music. As a DJ, he offers his services in clubs, private parties and weddings.

But let’s start from the beginning… Henry B ‘s artistic career officially begins in 2004, during the university studies that will lead him soon to graduate in computer science; In that year he joins the musical project “Danijay” as an author, composer and singer of pop-dance songs.

The following 4 years are entirely dedicated to the production of  2 albums: “Dance & Breakfast” (2006) and “Plug & Play” (2008). The first one (ed. “Warner Chappel” / label “Universal Music”), after few days from the release, enters the overall chart of the 100 best-selling albums in Italy, officially disclosed by F.I.M.I., reaching up to the 63th place. The second album increases the success achieved by the team, thanks to the innovative concept with which it is distributed: for the first time in the world it uses an audio-video player as a support rather than a CD, allowing a wide variety of contents (31 tracks + multimedia content). “Radio Deejay“, “Discoradio“, “M2O” and compilations of great prestige as the “Hot Party” are just some of the great italian goals achieved by the team at a distance of only 1 year since the debut song “Danijay – Il gioco dell’amore”, with which the artist (D. Zaffiri) had started his career  in 2003 , riding the charts all over Europe!

In 2008, after the release of “Plug & Play”, the team decides to temporarily stop the production, because of the profound changes that are taking place inside the musical market, fundamentally changing the italian dance scene. In the meantime, Henry B, a bit for experimentation, releases a song in latin-style, “Por Favor“, featuring J. Hernandez , lead voice of “Mojito Project”. It’s the beginning of a new independent project, with which the artist also starts his solo career. The song, beyond all expectations, quickly reaches the top area of many national charts, thus opening the way to the next singles: “Miradas” (2009) and “Realize” (2010), always in latin-pop style, with even better feedbacks from the major national charts. It’s finally dated 2011 the realization, in collaboration with Antiqua Studio, of a cover in bachata-style of the famous song by Lady Antebellum “Need you now“.

In 2010 the artist decides to bring in all the great experience acquired among productions, collaborations and lives around Italy and Europe: with his brother, specialist in video production and communication, he founds “FunLab” and “Wonderland Production“, organizations able to provide a multitude of services related to each other, such as dj sets for events, parties and weddings, production services for audio, video and the web.

It’s this union, this ability to manage at 360° a musical project (audio, graphics, videoclip, marketing) that “triggers” in 2012 the creation of a very special project… the time is right for a return on the international dance scene: it’s the time for “The Way“, a song released in 3 versions (pop-dance / house / pop-rock ) and flanked by the 1° pop-dance video in Italy to be made entirely in stereoscopic 3D! The subsequent screenings at the Los Angeles 3D Film Festival, the Parallax in Prague and at the 3D Film & Music Fest in Barcelona, in addition to many editorial publications (among which for example “La Stampa” and “”) confirm once more the quality of the work done by the artist and his collaborators.

The latest work in the latin field is dated April 2013 and is the result of an important new collaboration, this time with the muscovite artist Nastya Yasna. Henry B remixes the pilot track from Nastya’s debut album Moya Lyubov. It is for sure a unique product of its kind: it’s in fact one of the few (or possibly the first!) bachata in Russian language! Since 2013 Henry B is also engaged on the “Plastik Duck” project, born from the collaboration with David Dj (D. Longo) in the field of pop-dance and house music. The debut single “Seize The Night” is produced by Bliss Co., the Music Factory 20 million records sold, springboard for Eiffel65, Gabry Ponte, DJs From Mars, Da Blitz and many other producers of dance hits.